​Fantastical gardens and interiors from the team that created Britain's most extraordinary home


After a series of private commissions, Talliston now offers a full interiors and design service. From the rooms of this inspiring space, the idea is to recycle, upcycle, reclaim and reuse objects, designs, textiles and inspirations from around the world to create new and exciting interior and exterior spaces.



John Trevillian was born in London, England and spent his childhood with a Smith-Corona Calypso typewriter and a wild imagination, both of which he still owns. As creative lead, John's transformation of Talliston showcases his ability to design extraordinary rooms and gardens in the most ordinary of places. Using objects sourced worldwide, these spaces tell incredibly powerful and timeless stories.



Marcus Cotton perfected the art of painting and design in the illusory world of theatre, though it was within the stage of the most ordinary British house that his flair for colour and detail found its home. An accomplished artist, his skill lies in bringing fantasies in wood, paint and other media to life. Utililising light and texture, Marcus embellishes and reinvents spaces with unique artworks, reinventing historical motifs for a new age.


Every garden room or unique design starts with a conversation. To share your dreams and ideas, follow the link below...

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