Experience the Extraordinary

There are many ways to experience the unforgettable Talliston House & Gardens. Perhaps start by joining one of our regular last Sunday tours run by Historic Houses, and once you've discovered the rooms and gardens, you could always return for a private tour, or meet the author on the fantastical book tours. And if you join The Talliston Fellowship, you'll get priority booking and access to exclusive invitations and events. Just click on the Visits & Events menu above to see the season's happenings.

House Tours
Invitation To View

Each room or garden has a rich story, its own smells and sounds and incorporates 1,821 objects from 27 different countries – all combining to create a truly magical whole. Talliston is part of this unique Historic Houses scheme to go behind closed doors of Britain's most iconic buildings.

Author  Tours
Stranger's Guide Tours

The magical world of the novel comes alive as you step inside the book on these special tours. Each room is the setting for a different chapter in the novel – so as you travel the labyrinth of the house and gardens, you’ll experience the rich story, unique smells and sounds and discover thousands of objects from around the world – all combining to create a truly extraordinary experience.

Private Evenings
Enchanted Evenings

Everyone knows someone who will love Talliston… so what better way to share the magic of the house and gardens than with an exclusive evening wandering the labyrinth of rooms on a personal tour for two to four people, before sitting by candlelight in the Victorian watchtower for a light supper.

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