Special Friends of Talliston ticket price @ £39.99pp


Fright Nights Presents:


An introduction to the world of the paranormal in the rooms of Talliston House & Gardens

Friday 10th August 2018 (20:00 – 01:00) 


Join mediums and crew in divining, psychometry and equipment training on this extensive introduction to the energies and spirits of Talliston House & Gardens. The evening is hosted by Fright Nights, a family company since 1999. The first of its type to offer overnight Ghost Hunt experiences to the public in the UK, Fright Nights retains its reputation for haunted and unusual locations as well as an excellent night of ghost hunting!


What you can expect: A fun, yet informative evening giving you an introduction into the paranormal and different ghost hunting techniques you can go on to try yourself. We cannot guarantee any paranormal activity, although we will do our upmost to encourage some spirit interaction. Anyone is welcome whether you are a believer, a sceptic, even if you don’t know what to believe… come with an open mind and try your hand at ghost hunting. There is no trickery involved, we will not participate in any physical experiments we will just instruct and give you guidance.






Angela is currently the official medium for Fright Nights. Angela is an established medium, healer psychic artist and teacher based in a small town called Maidenhead, part of the Royal Windsor & Maidenhead Borough. She is known for her friendly, warm and welcoming personality. She has a very simple and straightforward attitude towards providing practical, empowering readings in the UK and internationally. Angela is one of the emerging mediums around the world, trained at the world renowned Arthur Findlay Spiritualist College, who believe in taking the “mystery” out of mediumship and making it more accessible to the general public. So, don’t book if you are expecting Mystic Meg to open the door to you! Expect a big fat smile, lots of laughter and a genuine reading.



20.15 Meet and Greet

Refreshments, followed by a short introduction.


20.30pm – 21.30 Mediumship walkround

With Fright Nights official medium Angela Mitchell and Mark Hughes

Angela will discuss any energies she feels are haunting Talliston… are they residual or intelligent? Angela will give as much information as she can, including names, ages and description. She will be encouraging you to stand in the energies detected to see how this makes you feel… can you feel, sense, see what Angela is experiencing?


20.30pm – 21.30 Psychometry workshop

With Gemma Snow and Lynda Hughes

Psychometry is the ability to discover facts about an event or person by touching objects associated with them. Sometimes the divination of facts concerning an object can be sensed by being in close proximity of an object without any contact at all.


Small Group Vigils

21.30 – 22.15 Vigil 1: Mediumistic with Angela Mitchell

As with the mediumship walkround… with further encouragement of spirit interaction.


22.15 – 23:00 Vigil 2: Spiritual with Mark Hughes

Using our own personal senses, divining rods and pendulums plus glass divination experiment


23:00 – 23.30 Refreshments


23.30 – 00.15 Vigil 3: Equipment

With Gemma Snow

Demonstration of our ghost hunting gadgets: how they work and what we are hoping to achieve by using them. See the equipment in action and have a go for yourself. 


00.15 – 01:00 Vigil 4: The Portal and Table Tipping

With Lynda Hughes

Demonstration of the portal which can allow spirit to communicate by allowing us to hear their voice and answer questions directly. You may also try your hand at table tipping, a type of séance whereby spirit can use the energy of the participants to make rotations with the table.

Normal Fright Night price £50-£60pp


For this exclusive

Friends of Talliston event

You will be joined by

the Fright Nights Team

along with…



Psychic Medium



What to bring:

• a torch     • flat shoes     • comfortable clothing

• a personal object for the psychometry workshop


Please note that this event is for persons of age 18 and over and no pregnant women are permitted to attend. Alcohol / drugs are not permitted and anyone thought to be under the influence will be asked to leave. This event is organised by Fright Nights. If you would like further details regarding the event, contact Gemma Snow on 07887 837428 or email

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