From our Guestbook

The only way to unlock the secret of Talliston is to travel within and there is nothing more magical than to experience entering the house for the first time. Yet, until you do, here's a few comments from some of our guests, both friends and visitors, who we have welcomed over the years.

Helen Aldridge | Harwood House


"I am utterly lost for words at the enormity and complexity of Talliston. The attention to detail leaves me almost breathless. Talliston is astounding, breathtaking and completely indescribable. I shall be urging all those I speak to to visit."

• Helen and Ian Aldridge are the husband and wife team behind Harwood House, a 4* B&B only a short walk from Talliston. Guests can expect a warm welcome, relaxing night's sleep, and a fabulous home-cooked breakfast. As our preferred place for friends to stay, mention us when booking for the best available rates. Find out more and check availability at Harwood House.


Jay Maxwell | Photoshoot guest


"The entire session was a great experience… and the final photo is excellent! Talliston is about far more than just spectacular design, it is about using one’s innate creativity and imagination to turn the ordinary into something extraordinary."

• Jay enjoyed his own personal Talliston Photography Experience: a whole afternoon at the house with professional photographer Giles Golding resulting in a portfolio of shots, including this one in our 1920s detective's office.

Sarah Shepherd | The Floe


"Hard to imagine, impossible to forget. We felt like the luckiest band in the world to get perform in such a magical venue. A truly exceptional experience for guests and performers alike."

• Sarah and the other members of The Floe offered to play an acoustic set as part of Talliston's Twentieth Anniversary celebrations in 2010. The gig was recorded and is available to watch on TallistonTV.

Debra Hensman | Murder mystery guest


"I've always wanted to get involved in a murder mystery... and Talliston gave me and my guests that chance. A wonderful way to celebrate my special day!"

• Debra wanted to celebrate her fiftieth birthday in style so we arranged an afternoon Victorian murder mystery dinner for eight friends, followed by an evening party including an acoustic set in the gardens and buffet. This photograph was one of a set of daguerreotype-style images created for that event.

Linda Stratmann | Author


"A unique experience that stimulates every sense, and evokes wonder and the joy of discovery..."

• Linda is a crime fiction, biography and true crime author. She is also an accomplished speaker and presented a fascinating talk at the house about her novel, More Essex Murders. This talk was recorded and is available to watch on TallistonTV.

Susan Mac Nicol | Dinner guest


"This house, its hosts and the ambience of the venue is something all dinner clubs should aspire to. Unique, fresh, incredibly detailed and atmospheric, this experience is one to be savoured and remembered – and one I can heartily recommend."

• Sue is a contemporary romance suspense author and personal friend who knows how important it is to set up the events for the story to take place, much like a good dinner party! She is also a member of the Talliston Writers’ Circle. To find out the date of the next supperclub, visit the Talliston Supper Club page.

Clare Goodall | Storyteller and musician


"Storytelling at Talliston was a joy. It's a place brim full with tales and ideas that are just waiting their chance to escape. All I had to do was absorb the atmosphere and let them out..."

• Clare Goodall is a gifted friend, storyteller and musician who specialises in telling medieval and earlier tales. She also give talks on various aspects of medieval life and the history of music in a storytelling style in order to entertain as well as educate. Watch her skills in both on TallistonTV.

Vykki Webb | Dinner guest


"I simply have to email and say what a wonderful experience last night was. I have woken today full of inspiration and I literally feel as if I travelled to a magical land last night and have woken from a dream. Thank you for creating such a wonder and sharing it. I feel so privileged to have been a part of such an adventure."

• Vykki Webb is a talented singer/songwriter/composer formally of Solsikk, and one half of acoustic duo, Vink. She dined with friends at Talliston and recommends the experience wholeheartedly.


Mich Sampson | Playing Rapunzel


"It was so exciting to perform in such an intimate, atmospheric venue. Talliston adds to the effect of every song, whether spooky or joyful! Can't wait to do this again!"

• Mich Sampson is one half of Playing Rapunzel, who along with Marilisa Valtazanou play energetic folk, and songs of story and myth. Classically trained in piano and voice, Mich’s unique style is best described as Tori Amos meets Joni Mitchell with a splash of Yiddish.