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Saturday 6th November 2021 



Check in to haunted Ravnsbrae Manor for an Edwardian party where only one guest will survive the night.
It’s to die for!

Talliston Presents...

This Hallowe'en season, the Macpherson's are throwing a party at their Scottish cliffside mansion of Ravnsbrae Manor. It’s 1911, a year of tragedy for the family as it saw the death of their youngest son. Now the house is haunted by the boy’s ghostly presence – or is it something more?


The Haunted Hallowe'en Ball takes guests into a party set in a desolate house upon the Scottish cliffs. Inside you’ll meet strange occupants and get to explore the secrets of a dead child’s bedroom, all the while drinking, dining and dancing or off exploring its rooms and unravelling its mysteries.

What the experience includes:

A celebration you'll never forget

• Added decor & themed rooms for the season

• Music, sights and sounds to add to the atmosphere


Exclusive competition

• Winner-takes-all prize for the last guest alive at the end of the night

• Spooky fun & games throughout the night


Elegant drinking and dining

• First drink coins, plus themed bar

• Party buffet menu themed to the time and place 

Hallowe'en party
Dice with death
Food & drink

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