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What the experience includes:

Midnight at Ravnsbrae is an immersive, interactive nightmare that sees you arrive at a desolate house upon the Scottish cliffs. Inside you’ll meet strange occupants, dine in a candlelit chapel and spend a night in the family’s dead child’s bedroom, all the while exploring its rooms and unravelling its mysteries.
The evening reimagines Talliston House & Gardens as a stage to unravel the dire fortunes and darker secrets of its inhabitants. And perhaps a monster or two lurking in its dark corners…


A stayover you'll never forget

• Exclusive stay for two (from 18:00 until 10:30 next morning)

• One night’s accommodation in the Scottish Edwardian bedroom


Interactive living threatre 

• Six full hours of immersive, interactive storyline (18:00-00:00)

• Search for clues and meet the occupants across the house's locations


Homemade meals to dine for

• Two-course supper in the Victorian dining room

• Full English breakfast in the New Orleans kitchen

Exclusive stay
Immersive experience

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Each event is for two people only – and takes places one weekend a month

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The event price includes accommodation, food and refreshments for two people.

Guests will arrive and stay "in-character" and have six hours to uncover the haunted house mystery.

Dress code is either: Dress down (Ramblers lost on the moors / backpacks) or Dress up

(Scottish wedding guests  / carryon cases).

No photography, phones or computers, watches or clocks to be used during the event.

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Supper & breakfast
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