Music Venue

Acoustic gig for up to fifteen people.

Perfect for small gigs and events, various areas in Talliston can be adapted to small events venues, both inside and out. Our main stage is set in the central Watchtower offering up to fifteen guests the setting of a 13th century tower room furnished by Victorians in the late nineteenth century, but there's always the chance to play outside in the Fountain Coutyard or in the treetops of the bamboo treehouse.

Talliston allows you to connect on both a musical and emotional level, with intimate candlelit environments the perfect showcase for small acoustic sets. Forget nameless bars and clubs, we offer your select audience a private and personal encounter with you and your music. Deliciously seductive in the extreme, we can also provide guests with a choice of food, from light supper to buffet table. All the makings of an unforgettable evening's entertainment.


Prices start from £150.

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