John Tarrow Presents:

The Talliston Oracle

Discover the secret that lies within with consultations and readings by a trained spiritual guide

• Do you wish to reconnect with a time of simplicity and happiness?

• Perhaps you want to rediscover the natural flow of your life?

• Do you feel a need to create more harmony in your world?

• Looking for a challenging and supportive guide to take you on that journey?


Your invitation to experience The Talliston Oracle at Britain’s Most Extraordinary Home on a date at your convenience & pleasure. Your evening begins by walking the Labyrinth of the House to create your unique Life Tree, followed by an Oracle reading in the Victorian Watchtower.


The Gift Set comprises an invitation scroll for a private guided consultation mapping a guest’s Life Tree while travelling through the Talliston locations, followed by a full and comprehensive reading of the Talliston Oracle across all thirteen locations of the labyrinth. Afterwards, guests receive a personalised Life Tree chart and consultation notes.



The perfect gift for anyone interested in discovering the secret that lies within themselves. Oracle readings take two and a half hours and must be booked in advance. Each experience is redeemable for weekday evenings (Monday-Thursday) or Sunday (19:30-22:00).




The Talliston Oracle Gift Set

             Only £65.00