I first visited the house that was to become Talliston in 1990, when it was just an ordinary home; but it was the home of a man with an amazing dream.


Over the years I have seen that dream take shape; I have seen beautiful gardens appear from what was once a drab wilderness, I have seen ceilings raised, rooms transformed and new rooms come into existence. It would be impossible for me to truly convey the imagination, the detailed planning and the sheer hard work that has gone into every detail of the creation of Talliston.




Introducing our Artistic Patron


Crime fiction, Biography and True Crime Author

 Linda Stratmann


Linda Stratmann

Every room has its own time and place, inspired by actual locations carefully researched, and each is even given its individual sound and scent. John has travelled the world and brought back items from many lands to enhance the atmosphere. Every artifact – some of which have been specially commissioned and hand crafted and are therefore unique to Talliston – has a special place and meaning.


At the same time Talliston is a warmly welcoming home, one I have been privileged to visit many times. Now as the 25-year project nears completion, I have been offered the opportunity to be artistic patron. What, I wonder will Talliston be in the future?  - an inspiration to artists and writers – a delight to visitors – the essential place to appreciate good food and wine – somewhere to celebrate the turning of the seasons - a photographer’s dream – it will be all these things and far more. It is my honour to be a part of it.

The Creative Team

W W W . L I N D A S T R A T M A N N . C O M

Linda Stratmann