A Genuine Talliston Bumblee (Limited Edition of 40)

Within the gardens of Talliston you will find members of our grist of bumblebees. One of the house leitmotifs, these remarkable creatures are symbols of industriousness, organisation and dedication. The bee's perseverance reminds us that no matter how great our dream, through the challenge of hard work, we can all achieve the impossible – while also making time to savour the honey of our labours.

To continue our tradition, please place this antique bronze bumblebee in a suitable resting position somewhere in your own gardens – and when you see it, be reminded that, like this tiny tireless insect, we all have the power inside us to accomplish anything whatsoever that we put our minds to: you only have to take a step through the garden door into Talliston to see that!

Talliston Bumblebee

£8.99 Regular Price
£6.99Sale Price
  • Antique bronze bumblebee set upon scraps of fabric against a background of original vintage illustrated pages from gardener’s journals and almanacks.

    Individual book pages and fabric colours may vary.

© Photography: GilesG Photography/Gavin Conlan   

Great Dunmow, Essex, England

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