A Genuine Talliston Butterfly (Lewis Carroll Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland Limited Edition of 40)

Somewhere in each and every room of Talliston lies one of our rabble of butterflies. These many-coloured creatures are one of the house leitmotifs, honouring these insects as symbols of transformation. It is the butterfly’s metamorphosis that teaches us that life should be a journey of continuous and joyous improvement; from egg to butterfly and beyond. After all, what is more natural and vital than to grow?

To continue our tradition, please place this butterfly in a natural resting position somewhere in your own home – and when you see it, be reminded that every kaleidoscopic butterfly did not begin its path through life as such: just as Talliston was not always a magical doorway between worlds and ages...

Talliston Butterfly (Alice in Wonderland)

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  • Exquisite feather butterfly set upon scraps of fabric against a background of original vintage illustrated pages from Lewis Carroll classic Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.

    Individual book pages and fabric colours may vary.
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© Photography: GilesG Photography/Gavin Conlan   

Great Dunmow, Essex, England

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