An Extraordinary Way to Support the House & Gardens

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Book a team! Solve the clues! Find the prize!

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Inspired by the Channel 4 original series with Kenneth Kendall and Anneka Rice, Talliston Treasure Hunt is a fun way to explore the extraordinary rooms and gardens, hunt for clues and objects and help support us through the current lockdown.

How Does It Work?

A team of five use their wits, general knowledge and the Internet to solve up to five cryptic clues against the clock – and communicate instructions via video link to a runner inside Talliston house and gardens. The team are given the first clue, the solving of which leads them to the location of the second clue and so on until either all the clues are solved or they run out of time.
Join us online on Wednesday evenings, either with a full team or as part of an existing group. Each place is only £10 with all proceeds going to support Talliston through the Covid-19 lockdown. Each treasure hunt takes 1 hour (20 minute prep and 40 minute hunt), starting at 18:00 and 20:00. To be included you need Zoom (download free here). If you have a full group, we may be able to accommodate on other evenings. To book, check availability, dates or for full info, either contact us via email or click on the booking buttons below. Once you have booked, we will confirm a suitable date and send a full pack of instructions.

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