Just choose an available table for two and either Saturday dinner or Sunday lunch:
• Watchtower Chapel
Live out your own Victorian romance as you take your seats in carved highbacked chairs at an oak refectory table surrounded by red velvet curtains and beneath a candle illuminated painted ceiling.
• Watchtower Fireside
Take your places at a circular table set beside the Victorian Gothic fireplace in the Welsh watchtower for an intimate candle lit dining experience from the Victorian era.
• Japanese Teahouse
Bathe in the peace and tranquility of the Orient as you dine at a circular table set upon the black lacquered floors of the teahouse garden room, serenaded by the tsukabi fountain and the authentic sounds of koto and shamisen music.
• The Cabin in the Woods
Brave the wild frontier as you enter the log cabin for a rustic experience upon hand sawn floorboards and beneath hand painted rafters, while the scents and sounds make you feel like you're lost in the wilderness.
• Treehouse Sanctuary
A taste of the exotic awaits in the treetops within our bamboo attic treehouse where your dinner arrives by rice basket and you recline upon Persian carpets and eat from hand painted crockery [Requires rope ladder climb].

Saturday Dinner                    Sunday Lunch

              Talliston Supper Club

Valentine's at Talliston

Five magical tables await you and your Valentine in one of our romantic locations

Saturday 13th February (Dinner: 19:00 – 23:30)

Sunday 14th February (Lunch: 14:00 – 18:30)


Experience love through the ages as you and your Valentine dine in one of our beautiful locations. Decorated for the event, we can promise an indulgent triple course feast in an intimate setting. So for an extra special Valentine’s Day meal that’s a little out of the ordinary, why not book your own private table at Talliston?


Whether you choose the candlelit chapel with its hand-painted ceiling, the Canadian log cabin or dine in the treetops of our bamboo treehouse, you’re set for a truly memorable romantic evening for two. Just arrive with something to drink and the one you love – and we’ll take care of the rest!


Five tables each sitting                       @ £35 per person.

Saturday Dinner                    Sunday Lunch

Saturday Dinner                    Sunday Lunch

Saturday Dinner                   Sunday Lunch                   

Saturday Dinner                    Sunday Lunch

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