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Talliston is a place of inspiration and magical thinking, where dreams and ideas can be turned into new realities. Our values

showcase our central code of "Embrace all. Follow none." Talliston operates a policy of social liberty, tolerance and anti-discrimination across all cultures, religions and guest’s personal and individual lifestyle choices. We also have five values that shape everything we do, events we run and the way we treat our guests and workers.

OAK: Symbol of inspiration. It is the tiny acorn’s journey to mighty oak that shows how within each of us lies everything we need to reach our full potential and build a better ‘now’.


BUMBLEBEE: Symbol of industriousness, organisation and dedication. The bee's perseverance reminds us that no matter how great our dream, through the challenge of hard work, we can all achieve the impossible – while also making time to savour the honey of our labours.


BUTTERFLY: Symbol of transformation. It is the butterfly’s metamorphosis that teaches us that life should be a journey of continuous and joyous improvement; from egg to butterfly and beyond. After all, what is more natural and vital for our helath, happiness and harmony than to grow?


LABYRINTH: Symbol of our life’s path. The single, spiralling way through a labyrinth reminds us that we should let what we love lead us, to always be positive and move forwards, and how at the centre of life’s complicated maze we shall discover our most wondrous dreams and adventures.


SHIP: Symbol of the journey of our life’s quest and the endless wheel of nature and the seasons. This fantastical galley carries all we hold sacred and reminds us to keep alive our inner spirit of adventure always.

Everything we do comes down to one central philosophy: Embrace All. Follow None.

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Our ambition at Talliston is to operate as a truly sustainable UK and to be a leader for sustainability. Beyond a move to energy efficiency, reducing waste, reducing our carbon footprint, plastic use and sourcing from other sustainable companies, the house and gardens is a masterwork in showing how a complete home can be created from already existing objects. When the project was begun, almost 96% of the finished house existed somewhere around the world.


We took these objects and recycled, upcycled, reused and reworked them to create the fantastical interiors guests see today.

After the project was finished we worked with The Woodland Trust to offset the entire carbon footprint of travelling to the 27 countries required to bring more than 2,000 objects back into the house. We planted a new grove of oaks in The Woodland Trust’s Heartwood Forest, personally dedicated to many Talliston volunteers, authors, artists and artisans.


Our goal is to be a fully net zero venue and use the most

sustainable practices. We have an ongoing mission to:

• Eliminate single-use plastic

• Continue to reduce our carbon footprint

• Increase recycling and minimise waste

• Source electricity from renewable sources

• Reduce energy use


All our products are sourced from ethical, fairtrade and

sustainable artisans increasingly made from recycled materials and

eco-friendly energy resources. 


Our daily footprint minimises environmental pollution and we are 100% in compliance

with environmental legislation.


New products or practices are based on sustainability principles to protect our planet and future.


All our food is sourced from a local delicatessen that uses local, sustainable suppliers and is committed to environmental improvements that foster a sustainable future.

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