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Bed & Breakfast at Talliston House & Gardens

Experience what it's like to sleep in one of Talliston's extraordinary rooms, and get to explore the house and gardens with a deluxe overnight stay.

For selected dates we have availability to stay in “Britain’s Most Extraordinary Home”. Full details, images and prices are found by following the links below.

The Haunted Bedroom

Decorated in Scottish Art Nouveau style, this room recreates in nightmarish detail the bed chamber of a seven-year-old Edwardian child complete with books, toys and ephemera. Unlike other rooms, guests who book for the Haunted Bedroom are guaranteed exclusive use of the entire house and gardens for the duration of their stay. 

The Room of Dreams

All the romance and mystery of a Moorish bedchamber, complete with collection of artefacts and treasures collected from travels around the world. Fall asleep to the sound of the wildlife of the Spanish hills, under a canopy of glittering stars.

The Cabin

Finalist for Channel 4 / George Clarke's Shed of the Year 2016, this period log cabin with all the fittings and fixtures of a trapper's house in the Canadian wilderness. Includes raised sleeping area.