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Talliston House & Gardens

Channel 4's Home Truths interview John Trevillian about the project.

The Office trailer

Film noir mystery and suspense in our 1920s detective study.

The Treehouse Sanctuary trailer

Action and adventure in the treetops of our Cambodia bamboo spirit house.

The Watchtower trailer

Historical and period drama in our medieval keep and mead hall.

The Voodoo Kitchen trailer

1950s romantic comedy mixes with darker themes in the New Orleans kitchen

The Room of Dreams trailer

Epic drama for this Moorish bedchamber in the Alhambra's Court of Myrtles.

The Haunted Bedroom trailer

Heartstopping horror in the 1911 Scottish Edwardian bedchamber of a dead child.

Talliston Presents

Intimate private dining inspired by a passion for food, people and conversation.

Essex Murders

Talliston Presents a talk by Linda Stratmann about More Essex Murders.

The Floe

Talliston Unplugged acoustic gig featuring Sarah, Liz and David from The Floe.

Playing Rapunzel

Talliston Unplugged acoustic gig featuring Mich and Marilisa from Playing Rapunzel.

Talis Kimberley

Talliston Unplugged acoustic gig featuring Talis Kimberley and her travelling band.

Cara Winter

Talliston Unplugged acoustic gig featuring Cara Winter and cellist Nick Cooper.

Kevin Pearce

Talliston Unplugged acoustic gig featuring singer and guitarist, Kevin Pearce.

Leddra Chapman

Talliston Unplugged acoustic gig featuring singer songwriter, Leddra Chapman.

Medieval Tales

Talliston Presents an evening of tales with storyteller and musician, Clare Goodall.

Hallowe'en At Talliston

Talliston Presents the Twisted Faerie Tales house and gardens walkthrough.

Talliston Unplugged

Acoustic gig featuring singer songwriter, Leddra Chapman.

An Introduction To Talliston

A quick overview of the finished project in words, numbers and pictures.

Right from the heart of our home. Into yours.

Radio Talliston.

Radio Talliston broadcast #1

The Secret Lies Within author interview with true crime writer, Linda Stratmann

Radio Talliston broadcast #2

The Secret Lies Within author interview with romance writer, Susan Mac Nicol

Radio Talliston broadcast #3

The Secret Lies Within author interview and play from Duncan Swallow

Radio Talliston broadcast #4

The Secret Lies Within short story The Festival Line by Sarah Wragg

Radio Talliston broadcast #5

The Secret Lies Within presents the Talliston Poetry Circle (October 2013)

Radio Talliston broadcast #6

The Secret Lies Within presents the Talliston Poetry Circle (November 2013)

Features & Reviews.

What the world is saying about Talliston.
Atlas Obscura

Atlas Obscura

An English artist has turned an unassuming council estate into a time lost house of mystery

The Sunday Times

The Sunday Times

A whole new world: Step inside Britain’s most extraordinary home

The Daily Mail

The Daily Mail

'Wonderland' home taken it off the market after being saved by strangers

Good Morning Britain

Good Morning Britain

Talliston is not about living in the past, but instead taking the best of the world to create an extraordinary present.

The Trumpet

The Trumpet

Behind an arched oak door, set in a thicket hedge in Great Dunmow, lies Talliston House & Gardens...

The History Press

The History Press

Exploring the curious history of Talliston

House & Gardens.

David J Rodger

David J Rodger

Romantics, roleplayers and writers: Take your dreams to Talliston House, Essex.

Essex Life

Essex Life

The rooms of Talliston come to life in

Linda Blacker's stunning images.

Daily Decorum

Daily Decorum

Our enthusiasm for all things design pales in comparison to the homeowner of one very special house in Essex.

The American Resident

The American Resident

How one man who couldn’t wire a plug went on a journey to build a fantastical house and gardens.  

Divine Magazine

Divine Magazine

Finding out more about the supernatural side of the place that is Talliston.

Dunmow Bystander

Dunmow Bystander

Talliston Supper Club: Tastes of Tuscany restaurant review.

The American Resident

Amara LuxPad

Nestled in an unassuming street in Great Dunmow, Essex is a home which is now more dreamscape than reality. 

Divine Magazine

The Guardian

An ex-council house near Stansted has been transformed into a historic fantasy. Katie Forster takes a tour of Talliston.

Dunmow Bystander

Philip Carr-Gomm

A dream come true: taking the lead of a dreary house and turned it into an exquisite golden world, that is underpinned by an understanding of esoteric cosmology.

The American Resident

The Peregrinating Penguin

An extraordinary, unexpected fantasy house, hiding in plain sight in the suburbs of rural Essex.

Divine Magazine
Dunmow Bystander


We were thrilled and intrigued when we discovered the story behind the recent purchase of a cabinet and some birdcage lamps.

Faerie Magazine

Existing somewhere between art, decoration and design, the house and gardens showcase 13 locations, each set in a different time and place.

The American Resident

The Idealist

Every room is a new adventure: what Talliston does is remind us that there need not be rules when it comes to creating our homes.

Anje Van Biene

Niet Mijn Familie (Not

My Family) includes

Anja's her visits to the

house and gardens –

and their affect on her

personal story.

Dunmow Bystander
Dunmow Bystander
Divine Magazine

Country Life

Britain’s most exotic – and spookiest – three-bed semi opens to the public.

© Photography: GilesG Photography/Gavin Conlan   

Great Dunmow, Essex, England

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