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Talliston TSG typrography_gold.png



We wanted to capture every nook, cranny and secret mousehole of the house and gardens, presenting them as a professional architectural plan. The finished Talliston Room Plans offer an astonishing insight into the intricate interlocking rooms and doorways that lead from Japanese teahouse to Irish courtyard and beyond.

These companion floorplan, maps and timeline of the entire magical labyrinth of Talliston house & gardens, charting each location as an A0 (84cm x 119cm / 33” x 47”) poster, beautifully illustrating each of the times and places that form the finished project. Every large-format chart is packed with hand-drawn architectural detail, painstakingly captured by architect, Sam N. Davey, on a heavy-weight (150gsm) stock in brilliant white.


© Sam N. Davey RIBA. Sam is a Birmingham-based architect and artist, frustrated by the unjust nature of land monopoly in this kingdom, he instead illustrates spatial stories, maps alternative realities. Not particularly helpful you might argue? But hopefully inspiring others to dream and change.

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