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Following an appearance at the East Anglian Storytelling Festival, Kestrel Morton will be performing an intimate and exclusive suite of stories at Talliston.

Join us in the Victorian Welsh watchtower to witness this dynamic and passionate performer. Told in the round, Kestrel will move among the audience sharing creation myths and wonder tales, parables and true stories in what is set to be a unique and enchanting experience.

T h u r s d a y   1 s t   S e p t e m b e r  2 0 2 2

An Unforgettable
Evening of Story

SEPTEMBER 2022 @ 19:00

Kestrel Morton is a storyteller currently living in South Wales. Telling as often in forests, caves, abandoned buildings and quarries, as in traditional venues, Kestrel's voice carries with it the echoes of the wild edges where the lines between the real and the mythic are blurred and the otherworld overlaps with this one.

This will be a night of true enchantment; a weird, wonderful weaving of old and new stories, all deeply essential for our times.



Kestrel is a dynamic and passionate performer

with a unique vision. A must-see!

Daniel Morden

THE STORIES: Tales from the Mountain of the Sun

A three-faced god and a golden feather, a whispering serpent and a monk's pilgrimage, a sheep stealer, a hooligan and a change of heart, all watched over by old Granny Chaos. Kestrel Morton weaves a stitch-tongued thread of language, enchanting all who hear it to undertake a fantastical journey into creation myths and wonder tales, through parables and into true stories that bring the gifts of magic out from the otherworld and into our own lives.

FOOD & DRINK: Interval refreshments

The evening's story cycles will be split into two parts with a half-hour interval between for a full interval. Your ticket includes a selection of light food options, plus hot & cold drinks.

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Once the stories are over, there will be time for a Q&A with Kestrel in the Watchtower – as well as time to relax and explore Talliston's many rooms, each one a story in themselves.

Misty Woodland


Stained Tree
Stained Tree

K E S T R E L   M O R T O N   S T O R Y T E L L I N G   E V E N I N G

An intimate and inspirational evening of wild tales in Talliston's Welsh watchtower.

E V E N T   I N F O R M A T I O N
Date: Thursday 1st September 2022

Time: 19:00 --- 22:30

Venue: Talliston House & Gardens, CM6 1DU



W H A T ' S   I N C L U D E D ?
Ticket price of £24.99pp includes: two story performances with an interval including a selection of light food options, plus hot and cold drinks

G U E S T   I N F O R M A T I O N

No tickets will be issued. Just your name added to the exclusive guest list.


Full details, directions, instructions and details will be sent at least one week prior to the event.

No food, drink or large bags/cases may be brought into the house for this event.


Due to the delicate nature of the wooden floors, no high heel or stiletto shoes are to be worn.


No food, drink, or large bags or luggage may be brought into the house for this event.


Unfortunately there is no access for disabled visitors.


For questions or more info, please call 07760 171100 or

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