09 GilesG The Haunted Bedrooms.jpg
09 GilesG The Haunted Bedrooms.jpg

09 GilesG The Haunted Bedrooms.jpg
09 GilesG The Haunted Bedrooms.jpg


Room 9.

Stonehaven, Scotland, United Kingdom | 1911

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Extrardinary Home

With its dramatic cliff top location mid-way between Aberdeen and Dundee, Ravnsbrae (Danish: ravn; raven, Scots: brae; hillside) House has a rich and fascinating history. Beginning as a Pictish settlement, the first recorded inhabitants were Vikings who after invading built a beacon fire on the promontory. Over the centuries various lairds have claimed rights to the land, most notably the 1st Earl Marishal who in 1545 built a tower- house on the site. Always a secluded locale, even today the estate is mainly uncultivated woodland save for a few acres of farmland.

The current mansion is a mix of Victorian Gothic added over its sixteenth century core. The present owners have extensively remodeled the interior in the modern Art Nouveau style, also adding an Italian Renaissance style garden that runs almost all the way to the cliffs.

This bedchamber, with its black woodwork, fretwork altar panels and emerald trellis and quatrefoil fabric walls, was decorated for the Macpherson’s first child. Jack always complained of noises in the night, but it was only after the boy’s death that the first true hauntings began. Due to this, the superstitious couple locked the room, sealed it with various holy symbols, and vowed never set foot in it again.